True Love on World Sake Day


My interest in saké  blossomed at Umi Sake House where a date indulged me in my first ever sake flight. Two years and plenty of saké later, I’m excited to experience this iconic beverage on vacation in Tokyo with the same date who is now my fiancé. But before all that, I invite you to join me in raising an ochoko to National Saké Day. If you’ve never tried it, or only tried it once—I promise a true love is just a flight away. Kanpai!

Saké 101
Saké is often referred to as Japanese rice wine and is made with only four all-natural ingredients: rice, water, yeast, and koji. The process starts when the rice gets polished to remove the bran so that it can be soaked and steamed. The more rice grain that gets polished away, the smoother the saké. After steaming, it gets sprinkled with koji mold and yeast before being pressed, filtered, pasteurized and aged. 

Chill Out
Even though saké can be compared to white wine, you’ll quickly learn that both have their own distinct tastes. Discover the difference by trying something like TYKU’s chilled, Junmai Ginjo Super Premium Saké produced at the family-run, Umenoyado Brewery in Nara, Japan. It’s polished so that only 55% of the grain remains, creating a smooth rich texture with natural sweetness. The craft-brewery focuses on chilled sake so if you’ve tried the hot version and weren’t sure what to think, give it another go. According to Saké Nomi, Seattle’s most well-known bottle shop, “Saké-lovers generally drink their beverage cold, to better appreciate the beautiful flavors and aromas.” 

Tasting Notes
The warm fruity notes in TYKU’s Super Premium are undeniably drinkable and smooth. To get the full flavor, drink neat in a chilled wine glass. Sake pairs with everything from rich seafood dishes to sushi, poultry, and even dessert. We tried TYKU with Bon Appetit’s one skillet Chicken Escabeche.

DIY World Saké Day
While most sake aficionados prefer to drink their saké neat, don’t dismiss the sake cocktail. The low abv is perfect for entertaining, brunch, or enjoying a chill night in. Check out these refreshing cocktail recipes featuring TYKU:

Ginger Crush

2 oz TYKU Junmai Sake
1 oz Fever Tree Ginger Ale 
Muddled Ginger

Cucumber Cooler

2 oz TYKU Cucumber Sake
2 oz Lemonade
Mint Garnish

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