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Summer camps are a staple of any amazing childhood. You get a week away from your parents (or they get a week away from you), you make new friends, participate in exciting outdoor activities, step outside your comfort zone and to put it simply, have fun. As working adults, it can be difficult to take some personal time to unplug, relax and just have fun. Fun is essential to living. A life cannot be spent simply locked into a desk. So before your summer and your life slip through your fingertips, take some time for yourself and to remember what it feels like to be a kid again.

Welcome to Camp Rahh
What is Rahh? Rahh is a 21+ summer camp where adults can escape the work grind with a peaceful weekend free of technology, drugs and alcohol. The founders of Rahh have a simple mission: To create a welcoming space and build community through shared experience without the distractions of everyday life. Here, campers will forge memories with new friends, experience live music, eat delicious meals prepared by a world class chef and enjoy exciting activities.

For the past two years, Camp Rahh has taken place on Samish Island, but this year they are moving to a bigger and better location right on the Olympic Peninsula in Port Orchard. Attendees can expect round trip transportation to and from Seattle, comfortable lodging, intimate waterside performances from artists like Shy Girls, Naomi Wachira and Saint Claire, silent discos in the forest with Cuff Lynx, J-Nasty and Jerry Wang as well as activities like curated art classes, yoga, horseback riding, archery, paintball, kayaking and much more. Campers are encouraged to participate in all activities but alternatively, if you would rather nap all day and skip them all, that is totally fine! This is your Rahh experience.

If the burden of real life is weighing you down, why not take a break from it? There are still open spots available for Rahh’s August 24-27th session. Do the kid in you a favor and book your spot today. For more information, check out their website at www.camprahh.com.

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