When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Citrus Cocktail

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Citrus Cocktail

Fresh juices, infused brews, and a hefty squeeze of a fresh-off-the-branch citrus; summer almost demands these must-have additions to your cocktail regime. Even though I am loyal to the plain and simple vodka with fresh squeezed lemonade, sometimes that combo can leave something to be desired. Don’t risk basic bitch status and quench your thirst for the flavors of summer with these citrus brews, cocktails, and spirits that elevate beyond your normal go-to.

Orange Rosemary Sidecar
Georgetown strikes again with the newly opened Ciudad featuring a Mediterranean influenced that highlights grilled meat. The cocktail menu is equally as juicy as the cuts of marinated lamb and the fresh citrus pairs perfectly with whatever is hot off the grill. Try the Orange Rosemary Sidecar with brandy, citrus liqueur, made in-house orange juice and rosemary.

So Fresh and So Clean
Elysian is more than just a brewery. While they do serve up craft drafts, they also slang cocktails and offer a full menu of eats to pair with your drink of choice. Not one to miss the summer citrus, Elysian came out with the summer seasonal Blood Orange Pale Ale which was available April – July. If you missed it, you can still get fruity with Elysian. Order the So Fresh and So Clean with Effen Black Cherry vodka, St. Germain, fresh lime juice and Dry Blood Orange Soda.

Rubens Summer IPA
Rubens Brews
Ruben’s opened their small, family-run tap room in Ballard almost 4 years ago. Their brews have become widely loved and the Summer IPA is a standout favorite. The hops shine but the subtle notes of orange and grapefruit make this light bodied beer nice and drinkable on a hot day.

Rosemary’s Sapphire
Chandler’s Crabhouse
Since nothing can beat a nice gin and lemonade in the summer, I had to include Chandler’s Rosemary’s Sapphire. With premium Bombay Sapphire, black currant Crème de cassis, fresh lemonade and rosemary you’ll be reveling in the refreshing taste of South Lake Union’s best.

Kaffir Lime Gin and Tonic
The new industrial chic digs of Soi on Capitol Hill. The cuisine at Soi takes an Avant guard approach to Thai food and the cocktails are just as impressive.  You’ll be happy no matter what cocktail you decide on at Soi but if you want to ride the citrus wave try the Kaffir Lime Gin and Tonic. Kaffir limes are native to Southeast Asia where the leaves are essential especially in Thai cuisine.  Soi uses house infused kaffir lime gin, fizzy house-made tonic, and dried lime.

Tavern Hall Radler
Tavern Hall
If you make a cocktail list featuring citrus, that list should always include a radler. The radler or summer shandy usually includes a blonde lager with some type of soda. Bellevue’s Tavern Hall takes the radler to a whole new level with Grapefruit Liquer, fresh grapefruit, grapefruit bitters, soda, and Tavern Hall Ale. The beer-focused cocktail menu makes Tavern Hall well worth the grueling trip to Bellevue.

Paper Plane
Sun Liquor
Named for M.I.A’s top 40 hit Paper Plane this lemony bourbon cocktail is a summer anthem all on its own. Give it a shot at Sun Liquor where merry makers can soak up the warm rays with fresh lemon juice, aperol, and the Italian herbal digestif amaro nonino. It all gets served up with lemon swath and a garnish of sun-kissed, endless summer.

Tart Tongue Tie via Seattle Cider Company
Makes 1 drink
.5 ounce Sun Liquor Gun Club gin
3 dashes rhubarb bitters
3 ounces Citrus cider
Stir first two ingredients together over ice. Pour into rocks glass. Add Citrus cider and lemon peel.


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