Working Out Anxiety and Depression

Working Out Anxiety and Depression

We all know the great benefits of working out. It keeps us healthy, physically fit and strong. Not only does it help with our outer appearance, physical health and our mental state. But what if I told you it could also be one of the main tools in helping to cure your anxiety or maybe even your depression? It has also been found to improve ADHD, your sleep patterns and elevate your overall mood, memory and brain function. It reduces inflammation and aids in the growth of neurons, and releases powerful chemicals in your brain, aka endorphins that keep you in a moderately elevated and calming state. In addition, it gives you the satisfaction of taking matters of bettering yourself in your own hands.

Someone dealing with depression or anxiety can often feel unmotivated or tired, which in turn it can be struggling to find the energy to get you on the right path. If this strikes a chord with you, then start off slowly. The key is to just get yourself out there and take baby steps forward. Worrying about how hard you should push yourself will add stress and can be discouraging. Take your time increasing the duration and level of difficulty.

Walking is a way to get your body up and moving. It will get your blood circulating and start boosting that brain flow. As your energy level increases and your mood improves, you will build strength and confidence to push yourself longer and harder. Try setting up walking dates with a pal to have some accountability. Adding in some laughs with a good friend along the way, could set you up for a successful happy day that will leave you craving more and more of.

Yoga has lots of benefits; it can help you with your balance, breathing and calm the mind and body. Besides the physical benefits of yoga, it can help you achieve a more positive outlook on life. Yoga is all about finding inner peace and letting go of the stresses and troubles of everyday life. Tuning the world out during your yoga session, can help shift your mindset and steer you away from the negative thoughts you’ve been harboring. Being with like-minded people will surely rub off on you and your health will reap the benefits.

Has anger or stress been a big part of your depression and/or anxiety? Finding an outlet to release that negative fuel can be a beneficial factor in your mental health transformation. This particular workout is good for both mental and physical stress relief. Hitting a punching bag a few times a week can release endorphins and tension. Directing your anger towards an object and getting it all out can have a very calming and mind altering effect. Stress can also build up a lot of muscle tension and tightness in your body. Boxing can relieve a lot of these symptoms and over time can significantly reduce your stress level.

Group Sports
Maybe one of the things that has been responsible for creating your low points, is feeling lonely or not having the sense that you belong anywhere. Joining a group sport can not only make you feel part of something, but finding something you enjoy and having a feeling of belonging can aid with your troubles. Finding new people with the same interests can give you something to look forward. Try finding a group that meets at least once a week so you can have the constancy and the accountability to get you out of your bubble.

Music on its own can be a very uplifting experience. But mixing a workout, social setting and music can be a powerful and almost magical formula for success. A lot studies have shown that people who participated in upbeat dance sessions and groups showed greater signs of vitality and displayed less signs of depression and or anxiety than their counterparts. Another great thing about dance is the seemingly endless variety of the many forms and styles that exist. Someone would be hard pressed not to find a form that suits them well.

Train for a Marathon
Maybe you’re lacking motivation or feel you have nothing to work towards. Marathons are a great way to work towards a goal, increase your fitness level and most are contributing towards a charitable cause. Having the feeling that you are bettering yourself and doing good for others all while having an end goal in mind, can be a fabulous start and a huge motivational lift. Try increasing your fitness ability and level with each work out to build your endurance for the next upcoming race.

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