Working Out the Seasonal Sickness

Working Out the Seasonal Sickness

Has the seasonal plague hit you? If it has, don’t let it stop you from your productive workout routine. There’s still a way to get a moderately good workout in, even if you’re feeling under the weather. If you’re on a vigorous workout routine, the last thing you want is to let a little virus get in the way. Fear not, here’s a few ways to cheat your way into working out even when you’re not fully up to it and maybe even cure yourself in the process.

Walking: If you’re feeling stuffy and congested, sometimes depending on how you’re feeling, a walk might be what you need. Though if you are having any sort of fever/body aches it’s probably best you wait it out until you feel better. If your symptoms are only neck up then that’s a green light for you to take a stroll. Walking can unclog your sinuses and some moderate exercise can rev up your circulation and get you out of feeling sluggish and boost up your energy levels.

Jogging: Like walking, any sort of moderate cardio can at times boost your energy and even help clear up congestion. Running is a natural decongestant. However, if you are experiencing flu like symptoms it’s probably best that you skip the jog all together and take the day off. You don’t want to push your body too hard, which at times can do the complete opposite and make things worse.

Yoga: Maybe getting your zen on is what you need to heal yourself. Yoga poses can do wonders when you’re feeling under the weather. Yoga not only can help promote blood flow to your muscles but it can also ease tension throughout the body. Any sort of breathing exercise can help boost immunity. Not only that but stretching can help relieve any aches and pains you may be feeling from being ill. Try to stay away from any sort of heated yoga, which can be a little overwhelming and not be beneficial when you are not feeling up to par.

Swimming: If you’re suffering from common side effects due to having the common cold, swimming is another way of burning some calories while not getting too intense with your workout. The water can help carry you but still engage your body to enough movement where you can get a moderate workout in. Not only that but the extra moisture in the air also be another way to clear the nasal passages.

Things to avoid while sick: heavy strength training, high intensity training, team sports, sprinting or power exercises, any exercises in extreme temperatures

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