Worth "AGOLDE"

Worth "AGOLDE"

Mihu “Mei” Kawaijiris is the most in-demand nail artist at the moment. Simple objects around her inspire the intricate designs such as artistic patterns on clothing, American fast food, pop culture, and the list goes on. Just look through her Instagram #ciaomanhattan2012 and you’ll be mesmerized by the infinite amounts of art she has painted since her start in 2012. The technique she uses is freehand with a tiny brush and many colors of her favorite Japanese nail polish.

Nails by Mei, is based in New York where she works with up to six clients a day including celebrities and house calls to devoted fans. You can rest assured her art lasts about 2 weeks, she paints one design per nail which can take up to 90 minutes, and charges around $150 per manicure, not bad!

AGOLDE jeans has launched it’s brand at Nordstrom in Seattle and Bellevue and has partnered with Mei to give exclusive access to her avant-garde designs to their shoppers. At each in-store event this month, all you have to do is buy a pair of these L.A. made jeans and wait your turn. Modern artist, Alexander Calder, inspired the manicure I chose, I couldn’t resist the abstract design with specs of color.

Mei Kawajiri of Nails by Mei and Tannya Bernadette

What design would you have Mei paint on your nails?

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