Alaskan Adventure: Fairbanks Edition

Chieftain-approaching-Denali-alaskaDenali Air's Chieftain approaching Denali National Park
The midnight summer sun in Alaska gives you long days to fill with activities, and luckily there’s no shortage of things to do in Fairbanks. Rich culture, incredible wildlife, and spectacular views await you in this hidden gem city. Check out the activities below for a summer trip you won't forget.   Running Reindeer Ranch $55 - $100; seasonal rates Located just north of Fairbanks, this family owned farm allows visitors to spend time with some of their very own reindeer. No Santas are involved; just book an appointment online and take a trek on a guided nature walk with one of the owners, where you learn about the history of the birch forest and the reindeer that live there. The reindeer are tame but not trained, so there are lots of opportunities for some candid, antler-friend featured photos! There are...
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If Your Favorite Male Celebrities Were Dogs

Leonardo Dicaprio vs Bulldog
Anytime I’m bored in public, I like to people-watch and imagine what passersby would be as dogs. Dogs are basically people anyway, just in a furrier, more lovable form. They have distinct personalities, strengths, quirks, appearances, likes and dislikes. Are you imagining what breed your best friend would be? Your hairdresser? Your boss? I’ve imagined some for you: male celebs’ alter egos, dog point o. Leonardo DiCaprio Bulldog. Their bone structure and jawline are surprisingly similar. Everyone likes them – loves them, really – but they don’t seem to win a ton of awards. But when they do, you know it’s gonna be a great speech.  (photo above) Zac Efron Husky. You can’t help falling for those baby blues. I imagine they both check themselves out in the mirror when no one is looking. Huskies are also known to be...
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Wine & Dine at Skamania Lodge

Wine & Dine at Skamania Lodge
For the person that loves to wine and dine, the Columbia River Gorge is a perfect place to escape for a long weekend. I cashed in time-off to do just that with an extra day of full relaxation in one of the regions most renowned resorts—Skamania Lodge. In the heart of the Pacific Northwest’s wine country, Skamania Lodge provides the perfect backdrop for a gourmet getaway with sweeping views of the Columbia River, a golf course, spa, and farm-to-table dining by Executive Chef Matt Hale.  A Room with a View With so much to do in the Columbia River Gorge from hiking to touring local wineries, and exploring the riverside, you may not be planning for much time at the resort—but think again. One of my favorite parts of my stay was the rustic ambiance of Skamania. The resort sits...
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One Night Stand at Tulalip Resort & Casino

A couple months ago, I received an invitation to experience a night at Tulalip Resort & Casino . Up to that date, the only resort and casinos I stayed at were in Las Vegas at multiple spots on and off The Strip. I didn’t really think Tulalip could live up to that kind of luxury and entertainment. Sheepishly I have to admit how wrong I was. One Friday night, my boyfriend and I took the 45-minute drive to the one-night staycation. Not only did Tulalip Resort & Casino meet my expectations, but far exceeded them. From the hotel rooms to the 1AM Blazing Paddles pizza, it was an insanely fun night, and I can’t wait to find the time to go back. SLEEPING STYLE The AAA Four Diamond Tulalip Resort offers guest rooms and specialty suites . We stayed in one of Tulalip's...
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Summer Lovin’: Which Dating App is Right for You?

Dating is hard. Meeting people is hard. Finding time to do both is even harder. Luckily, there’s tons of sites and apps out there that make this a little easier. Love is at your fingertips... literally. But with the plethora of options out there, which dating app is best for you? Check out the list below to find out. For the Dog Person Meet My Dog Free If your future significant other must love dogs, this app is for you. It helps you connect with nearby dog owners and lets you chat, set up doggie playdates, and see who is already in the area ready for a walk. This app does less “matchmaking” and more “socializing,” so real connections are made in person. Since it’s not made to be a dating site, those who want to find love more organically...
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5 Ways To Eat Less Sugar

You may or may not know that eating too much excess sugar can have health risks. The daily recommendations for added sugar is no more than 25 grams per day, and many of us get more than that from one snack or meal. Added sugar in foods contains no nutrients, can cause weight gain, raise cholesterol and cause issues with blood sugar maintenance. So what is added sugar? Added sugar is anything that’s been added to food and doesn’t include naturally occuring sugars like those in fruit, dairy and even vegetables. How to know if your food has added sugar? A good rule of thumb is to stick to whole foods, but check the label on products, if sugar is listed in the ingredients - it’s in there. Maybe you already avoid the obvious sugar culprits but you might be...
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10 Spring Cleaning Storage Ideas to Get Organized

photo credit: Jannoon028 I’m a baseboard-cleaning, hands-and-knees-scrubbing kind of gal, but that doesn’t mean I don’t accumulate dozens of hardly used spices and mentally suffer when I look under the sink at my disarrayed makeup/hair product/nail polish catch-all. Having a clean house is totally different than having a neat house – but I’m determined to have both. For optimal organization, check out these ideas and products that are sure to elevate your spring cleaning game. 1. Feeling Spicy Pretty much everything has an expiration date, including spices. And it’s harder to go through them if you keep buying cinnamon every time you decide to bake snickerdoodles. While spices don’t “go bad” per se, they do lose their potency and won’t flavor foods as well. Baking agents can also lose their leveling/rising effects. If you’ve had it for more than 4...
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Crank up your core workout - 6 Plank Variations to Challenge You

Having a strong core is more than just looking good in your bathing suit. Feeling strong and stabilized translates to every other exercise including weight lifting, running and spots. These plank variations are great for increasing core strength while toning up the shoulders when you're ready to take your practice to the next level. Make sure you can already complete a 1 minute regular plank before moving on to these options.  Plank Shoulder Taps Begin in a plank position on the hands. Slowly lift one hand off the ground to tap the opposite shoulder, and return to start. Continue alternating hands keeping hips and shoulders square to the ground. Repeat for 20 total reps. Plank Up and Downs Begin in a plank position on forearms, keeping your core engaged, push up onto one hand, and then the other so you are...
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The Blue, the Blood, and the Super Moon

photo credit: Blood Moon from Kerry Park in Seattle l imgur In 2017, the greatest phenomenon that hit our western hemisphere sky was the fully visible solar eclipse during which millions observed. Social media feeds were flooded with pictures and comments for an observed once in a lifetime opportunity. This year, another lifetime marker is hitting our night sky on Wednesday, January 31st. A super blue lunar eclipse (or blood moon), will be fully visible especially to those living on the west coast and one you definitely don't want to miss. The Breakdown In today's times, a blue moon is defined as a second full moon in the same month that happens once every 3 years. Full moons have a designated name per month like Wolf Moon in January. When there's two, the second name goes blue. However, the moon doesn't...
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5 Cozy Date Night Ideas

Baby, it’s cold outside. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stay warm with bae and have fun this winter. Check out these 5 date night ideas for inspiration. 1. Glassblowing Heat things up by taking a class together at Rainier Glass Studio. There are several tiers to choose from, but some of the one-of-a-kind items you could make include an ornament, glass flower, votive, concave bowl, martini glass or vase. There’s even an option to BYOB (blow your own bong). You start with a flaming chunk of gooey, molten glass that you then dip in color and return to the furnace. After, you roll it, blow it, twist and/or turn it as a taffy-like glob hardens into your shape of choice. Master glassblowers will help you through the whole process – no artistic skills are necessary! Rainier Glass Studio ,...
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4 Holiday Road Trip Getaways

photo: Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls by John Westrock via Flickr If there’s one thing we can count on this winter, it’s Seattle’s rain. But, the beautiful thing about precipitation is that a drop of a few degrees and a rise in elevation transforms that constant drizzle into a floating, ethereal delight of white. With mountains encircling us, snowy escapes are waiting at our doorstep – you don’t have to go far to get away. Here’s a list of 4 spots within a 4 hour drive that you won’t want to miss this season. NORTH Bellingham / Mt. Baker Driving distance: 1.5-2.5 hours photo: Artist Point Snowshoe by Sarina Clark What to Do Snowshoeing (or snowmobiling). Mt. Baker holds the record for most snowfall in a single season (95 feet!) and offers countless snowshoe trails off State Route 52 –...
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Your Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

We all have that one friend who talks about getting healthier in the new year. Help them out this holiday season with some of the best health and fitness gifts to get them to be their healthiest self.  Or if you’re feeling in need of some inspiration, #treatyoself to some of these fantastic gifts at any budget. For the meal prep newbie The Instant Pot is the new “it” kitchen appliance, labeled as the machine that does the work of 7, working as your electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, warmer, and sauté pan so you can hit those meal prep goals. To read more about meal prep - check out 8 Ways to Meals Prep Like a Boss . For your bestie who does it all SENSO Bluetooth Headphones will resist even the rainiest run...
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Pumpkin is easily the most popular fall flavor, we find it in lattes, muffins, patches and even skincare. Aside from being trendy, pumpkin is actually super good for you. Pumpkin is low in calories and packed with fiber which helps you feel fuller longer so adding this tasty member of the squash family to your oatmeal, smoothies or even soup is a great healthy choice. They are also packed with vitamin C to help you fight that fall cold and full of beta carotene and antioxidants to help lower blood pressure and even improve eyesight.> Give this delicious smoothie a try the next time you want a pumpkin drink, it’s vegan, gluten free and full of fiber and vitamins. For an extra boost add your favorite plant based protein powder. Perfect Pumpkin Smoothie ½ cup pumpkin puree ½ banana ⅓...
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Make Your Own Protein Bars

We all lead pretty busy lives, and eating healthy on the go can be challenging. Things like meal prep and having healthy snacks on the fly can make this a lot easier. Unfortunately, a lot of protein or energy bars are pretty expensive if you make them a staple in your diet. Making your own protein bars at home can be an easy and delicious alternative and be much better for your waistline and your wallet. Here are some great alternatives to store-bought bars if you want to try your hand at making your own batch. If you like KIND Bars: Oat & Nut Bars 1 cup oats 2 cups almonds ⅓ cup dried cherries ¼ cup unsweetened coconut flakes 1 tablespoon chia seeds ½ cup honey or maple syrup 2 tablespoons coconut oil - Combine dry ingredients in bowl....
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Four Tips for Flying Cheap

I have a love/hate relationship with booking airline tickets. I love traveling, but hate fluctuating prices and the stress of finding the best deal. There are some general rules that are helpful – don’t book on a Friday (business trip bookings raise prices), fly on a weekday, and purchase a ticket more than two weeks in advance. However, if you really want to find a steal, simply follow these four tips to flying cheap. Search multiple airlines with the flexible date function. There are tons of search engines that allow you to compare airline prices at once. My favorite is Google Flights – it has a calendar view that shows you the cheapest day to travel on all the major airlines (except Southwest, which doesn’t allow automatic search engines to monitor its fares so you'll need to go to their...
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10 Signs You Are A Winter Person Stuck In Summer

It’s safe to say that the majority of people look forward to summer. Especially here in Washington where all we get is rain, rain, and more rain ten months out of the year. Summer has many amazing features. If you’re a student or a teacher, you get three months off. Everyone gets a tan, you can wear shorts, and there are hundreds of fun activities to do outside. What is not to love? Well, if you’re like me, you are just not a summer person. I am a fall/winter gal. I love the cold weather, how crisp the air is, and how perfectly picturesque everything looks with a fresh coat of snow. Don’t even get me started on the music, lights, and football. Being able to wear oversized, comfy sweaters and boots is easily more me than wearing a crop...
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Actively Dating

If you’re like me dinner and drinks can be nice when dating, but having a challenge or working up a sweat can be a great time in more ways than one. Li ving in Seattle we have tons of incredible stuff to do, and these date ideas are perfect for active people or anyone who wants to move their body, stay healthy and have fun while finding love. Drinks and dinner afterward totally optional. Ain't No Mountain High Enough We are surrounded by mountains and so lucky to live within 30-40 minutes of a wealth of hikes. This is a nice opportunity to unplug, break a sweat and work towards an epic view with someone you care about. Pack a picnic lunch to nosh on at the top and you have the makings for a great, fit date. Check out...
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Unplug at Camp Rahh

Summer camps are a staple of any amazing childhood. You get a week away from your parents (or they get a week away from you), you make new friends, participate in exciting outdoor activities, step outside your comfort zone and to put it simply, have fun. As working adults, it can be difficult to take some personal time to unplug, relax and just have fun. Fun is essential to living. A life cannot be spent simply locked into a desk. So before your summer and your life slip through your fingertips, take some time for yourself and to remember what it feels like to be a kid again. Welcome to Camp Rahh What is Rahh? Rahh is a 21+ summer camp where adults can escape the work grind with a peaceful weekend free of technology, drugs and alcohol. The founders...
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8 Ways to Meal Prep Like a Boss

Summer has finally arrived in Seattle, which means we are busier than ever, and staying on track and eating healthy can be difficult. I get it - you’ve got parks to visits, kayaks to float in and microbrews to drink in the sun. That's where a little planning and prepping one day a week can make a big difference in your life. If you are busy, want to lose weight, eat healthier or just like to get all your cooking done at once, this is the way to go.  It can seem daunting at first to plan that far ahead (I know it was for me) but hopefully these tips will help make it easier and get you going towards successful meal prepping. Start Simple This isn’t really the time to start eating crazy foods you aren’t used to, at least...
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Keep Your Workout Cool

Ugh. I hate running in the heat, I run outside all through the winter, rain, sleet, wind and freezing cold, but transition to the treadmill in the summer when the rest of the running folk flock outdoors. I do my best to avoid the heat by getting up early, doing indoor classes, or treadmill workouts but when training for a race, longer outdoor runs are unavoidable. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived in a cooler climate most of my life. I love a good hot sunny day for hanging on a boat, having a bbq or lying in the sun, but not to workout in. Yet, I want to be able to enjoy the summer, getting lots of vitamin D and outdoor training. Running through the summer is great conditioning for early fall runs and a great way to see all of...
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