Ville Magazine Haute Dogs Contest

2017 Ville Magazine Haute Dogs Contest

Erika Smith Pet Photography Zozo's Paw Mister Migs Dog on Fleek CleverPup

Ville Magazine's Chief Barketing Officer, Atlas, is sniffing out Seattle’s top dogs to be featured in the 2017 Fall Fashion issue now until September 1st, 2017. If you have four legs, fur and dream of being a dog model this could be your chance.



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Enter between August 17th, 2017 - September 1st, 2017 to qualify

Any breed or size of dog can enter

You must be available on Saturday, September 9th between 4 pm - 8 pm. 

If you are older than 6 months, you need to be spayed or neutered

You should be trained enough to sit, lay down and stay

Be comfortable wearing clothing and/or accessories, i.e. bandanas, bowties, collars. etc

Be dog friendly - no fighting allowed

Winners will be announced on Saturday, September 2nd and Atlas will send the winners a message for the next steps. 


ZoZo's Paw

Accessorizing Dogs for a Cause

ZoZo's Paw was inspired by my 3-year old rescue pup, Zoey (or ZoZo, as her family and friends sometimes call her)! Together, Zoey and I opened this shop with two missions in mind: to create new and innovative dog accessories, and to provide a helping "paw" in raising awareness and support for rescue dogs everywhere. With this at heart, Zoey "paw-approves" every item before it is packaged and shipped to your special pup(s)!

When we started out on this venture, Zoey and I both knew that we wanted to bring something new to the dog market. After almost a year of endless designs and prototypes, that's when our snap attachment design was born! 

However, dog style is only a part of this shop's mission. In honor of Zoey and rescue pets everywhere, a portion of every sale will be donated to rescue organizations focused on saving dogs from high-kill shelters, as well as K9s for Warriors - an organization that rescues shelter dogs, who then "rescue" our war heroes.

Thank you to all of our customers - for not only giving us a chance to dress up your special pup(s) - but also for all of your support. You are the reason we are able to accessorize dogs for a cause.

Caryn and Zoey (the pup)

Mister Migs

Mister Migs Dog Gear: A Social Enterprise & Non-Profit Dog Clothing Company

Based in Tucker, Georgia (part of metro Atlanta), we at the Mister Migs studio create fashionable dog clothes and accessories with a focus on sustainable design. We are also a proud supporter of a green initiative, using recycled denim as the core material for all of our product designs.

Thanks to our collaboration with Wow In-Sync, Inc., ( a 501 (c) (3) organization, Mister Migs has had the opportunity to expand its generosity by providing real-life work and community experience to marginalized youth. Through working at Mister Migs, these young individuals gain an understanding of what is expected of them in business, helping them to overcome barriers to mainstream employment and equip them with the skills they need to pursue their passions in career and life.

At Mister Migs we power futures and unleash careers while also running a business that creates dog gear for good.

Dog on Fleek

As the owner of an adorable Pomeranian named Koda, I would often find myself searching for merchandise that suited both my dog as well as my dog-loving lifestyle. After having visited numerous pet boutiques across the country, I came to the realization that there just weren't many products catching my eye. For this reason, I developed Dog on Fleek — a brand which encompasses not only the dog but also the owner and their home — all while embracing stylish trends.

We not only pride ourselves on being 100% handmade in the USA, but we also love to give back by partnering with multiple dog rescues across the country.

We believe that dogs are the greatest companion to humans, and we want the world to know this through our products.


Randy Baiza


Cleverhood Introduces High-Performance Rain Capes for Dogs

For six years, we’ve been squeezing new performance advantages out of fabrics and materials in pursuit of the best rain capes for human beings. Now, we’re ready to leverage that particular expertise for the dogs among us. The Boston Globe spilled the beans: Cleverpup is the new foul-weather alternative for dog lovers who don’t go for cutesy coats. We meet a lot of our customers who have told us they wear their Cleverhoods when they walk their dogs in the city in the rain. “You should make capes for dogs,” they’d say and we’d all have a good laugh. But the funny part is we have six dogs between us here and five of them don’t like the rain. Finally, inspiration hit us with all the subtlety of of a wet, smelly dog in your bed. Prototypes were designed, tested, modified. We pursued this mission doggedly. The new Cleverpup coats are lined with a soft, flecked berber fleece. We’re using military-spec webbing from Pawtucket and aircraft-grade aluminum clasps. This design keeps the Cleverpup secure without being restrictive. We tried to keep it simple and elegant. You need to be ready to go when your dog is.